The Bird And His Breakfast

One fine morning in the green wood a small bird flew about, looking for some breakfast. He happened upon a nice, fat slug, slowly and groggily moving about on a rock. The slug, looking up to see the bird descend upon him, cried out, "Mercy! I pray do tell me why must you come down … Continue reading The Bird And His Breakfast

how offensive (how beautiful)

you entrance my senses, smell and earth and beauty and smoke, stir my heart to remember you. you confound my logic, data and reason and science and fact, disappear beneath the weight of perfect trust. it is my delight to become a living cruciform, a blazing altar which water cannot put out. the sweet death … Continue reading how offensive (how beautiful)

From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)

2020. If you've tuned into modern Christianity for the past few months or so you know what everyone has been saying about this easy play-on-word. Vision. Clarity. 2020. Cute, most think, at best. I think it's deeper, though. All throughout the Bible we find word association, plays on words, and poetic, pictorial imagery that uses … Continue reading From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)