look at the man!

look at the man! he sows in sorrows, reaps in tears. all his brothers have left him. all his gods have failed him. the field lies fallow, in wait, for him. but saltwater kills seeds, and blood doesn’t feed crops. look at the man! he reaches for God and finds himself. mirrors are cheaper than … Continue reading look at the man!


it was dusk when we saw them fall. ashen figures of glory and beauty, fall, break, and crumble. as mortals we watched the immortal become dust. you turned to me, a slight smile on your face, and asked, “who will we now worship, brother?”God has destroyed our gods, and they bow before us like craven … Continue reading HOSANNA


If I was honest with you, I would pull back the curtains and reveal the dark, the dismal, the dreary, all the moments of 2020 that have weighed on my heart and mind like the mountains weigh on the valleys. My name would be forsaken amidst the visceral noise. Color would be muddled until only … Continue reading H O P E

mangled mind

mangled mind, (hands) flee to (words) unspoken, they can't reach. the hands are my emotions, the words are memories I damn everyday. damn them. haunting Christ haunts me, haunts the living, haunts the dead. all the same. all conscious. did I think that Christ would resurrect my mind, or just my body? I know what … Continue reading mangled mind