honestly, it feels a bit different than it did before. before. back when I knew your name and your voice I thought I knew your heart. and I think that maybe I did. but now, now, it's a bit different. it feels a bit different. and I don't think that different is necessarily bad. it's … Continue reading different


I understand now why Israel wanted Egypt. We all need someone we don’t need. My heart wants to weep but my mind says it’s not worth the salt. Salt is found in the mines and the sea. Your eyes have no valuable resource. If you should cry, Who should benefit? If you should weep, Who … Continue reading Egpyt/Lover

mangled mind

mangled mind, (hands) flee to (words) unspoken, they can't reach. the hands are my emotions, the words are memories I damn everyday. damn them. haunting Christ haunts me, haunts the living, haunts the dead. all the same. all conscious. did I think that Christ would resurrect my mind, or just my body? I know what … Continue reading mangled mind