I went to the meadow to find God. The cosmos, coneflowers, and yarrow testified of your kindness, and preached to me of your goodness. The deer and the rabbit shared stories of your generous hand, and the morning dew told of how you resurrected it every morning. (Lazarus was easy.) The river was wild with … Continue reading sea/salvation


there are times when you desire the hand of God, and not just his Face. how lovely is your face! I have found no imperfection. but I desire more. I desire to have you hold me, touch me, kiss me. your face is veiled, and mine is burned. flames came out from your mouth and … Continue reading times/seasons


I wish I was like other boys. But then who would cry these tears? I just want to love people. But I rarely am brave enough to let others love me. Maybe they can love me when I’m six feet under. At least I won’t have to feel awkward then. I don’t want sex as … Continue reading Mara

but the children eat freely.

my heart cries out to you, YAH!the ancient living One!the One in whom there is no deceit!the greatest Judge, Father-friend! my particles long for friendly fire, long to be destroyed by loveheavier than galaxies, presence from millennia ago, yet fresh as a mother’s milk.  Holy Christ, do I, a dog, dare lick the blood from your wounds, and this to my own benefit? how can … Continue reading but the children eat freely.