Don’t Look a Gift Horse From God In the Mouth

So here’s the problem.
We as a society and culture have become consumers.
And we as followers of Christ have fallen to its trap.
Is there anything inherently wrong with consuming?
Well, no. Not if you want to survive in this world. But there’s a difference between being a consumer and consuming.
The difference?
I eat, but I am not an eater.
It’s something I like to do, and need to do (if I want to survive that is), but it is not my identity.
No hold on, you might say. I’m not a consumer.
But are you? When was the last time you waited patiently through a boring sermon podcast and didn’t turn it off and switch to a better one?
When was the last time you switched jobs because you were bored or unsatisfied?
When was the last time you couldn’t decide on a restaurant because there were too many options and you had to make sure you chose the very best one?
When was the last time you threw clothes away?
A relationship?
Consumerism is the ideology that you need the very best this or that, and this or that will make you happy and if it doesn’t make you happy switch it for a better one and throw the old one away.
Consumerism consumes.
It is the enemy of commitment.
And it stems from ingratitude.
Ingratitude is what all sin stems from. It says “God, what you have given me is not enough, and I need something more, something better”. It is looking the gift horses of God in their teeth and chucking them to the side for a better gift horse. It is being unsatisfied with what God has put in our life; and unsatisfication has one source only.
I deserve better.
I deserve more.
There must be more, better.
It is what Satan thought when he shook his fist at God and declared his war upon the One who dwells in unapproachable light.
He was unsatisfied.
He was ungrateful.
God had clothed him with beauty, given him basically one of the best jobs ever, and blessed him with amazing wisdom and honor, and instead of praising his Creator for this gift he made the biggest mistake anyone can ever make:
He told God it wasn’t enough.
There are few things that will sanctify you more than contentment.
And I don’t mean settling, being passive, or lazy in your routine. Contentment has nothing to do with passivity, but rather a lack of striving. When we’re content, we are aware of our position as sons and daughters of the Father of Lights, and our desire is fully for what God has placed in our life in this season.
Being content is remaining in season. Being discontent is always looking to the next season, unsatisfied with where God has put you.
And that is ingratitude.
And ingratitude is the root of every sin.
God, I don’t like this job. Give me another one.
God, this isn’t enough money. Give me more.
God, these friends aren’t enough. Give me more.
God, I don’t like this church. Lead me to another one.
God, I think there might be someone better out there for me. Send them to me.
God, this ministry isn’t my passion. Give me another ministry.
God, I don’t like my life right now. Give me more grace.
His grace is always enough.
Now, let me be clear. There definitely are certain things that we are supposed to be constantly hungry for more of: his Spirit, faith, love, etc.
But that’s not ingratitude, it’s zeal.
Ingratitude is focused on me.
Zeal is always focused on him.
So trust him.
Learn in the season.
Love in the season.
Give thanks always.
Find contentment in him.
Sure, God might give you a horse that has bad teeth. But it’s still a horse from God.
Need I say more?

1 Timothy 6:6-7

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