Police Brutality is NOT the Problem, and Your Hashtag is NOT the Answer

Due to the recent tragedies involving officers taking the lives of two black men, the media and social media world have completely blown up.
Like, really.
Everyone has an opinion. (Oh, wait, you’re reading one right now)
Everyone has a hashtag.
Everyone knows their names.
And everyone says that things need to change.
But no one knows how to do that.
A social media post is not going to do that.
A vigil is not going to do that.
A hashtag is not going to do that.
A viral raw video is not going to do that.
Because, at the core of the matter, there is one thing that needs to be changed, and no one human has the capacity to do that.
The heart.

“For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.” (Mathew 15:19

Just like any sin, racism and racial profiling are a disease of the heart, the fruit of fear and hate.
Senseless violence only has one master, the devil, who has been wrecking havoc in the world since the beginning, (John 8:44) so excuse me if I think that your little rant on social media or your share of that video is just about going to do nothing to solve this problem.
Murder stems from the heart, and no law, vigil, or media outbreak will change that. There is only ONE who can.
He who drew up the oceans and painted the stars into their places.
The same one who took my heart of stone and made it into a heart of flesh.
It saddens me to see how little people (especially my Christian friends) are talking about the real answer to this problem.
The answer is not stronger police discipline.
The answer is not a new law.
The answer is not a huge march against police brutality.
The answer is not a viral social media post.
The answer is Jesus.
I know what you’re thinking: come on, be serious right now. It’s not that simple.
It isn’t?
Here’s what I do know. That Jesus is a loving friend who transforms a persons heart from inside out and miraculously makes even the most unloving person filled with the greatest of loves.
Why does an officer shoots an unarmed black man with his girlfriend and child just feet away from him?
Because he doesn’t know Jesus. His decision was based on fear and/or hate, because the heart of the Father was not a revelation in his life.
That is why there are entire groups dedicated to killing people.
That is why school shootings happen.
That is why the gay club in Orlando was targeted and attacked.
That is why Paris was attacked.
That is why Trayvon Martin was killed.
That is why the twin towers fell.
That is why students were shot and killed at Colombine.
That is why apartheid happened.
That is why the Trail of Tears took place.
That is why the Salem witch trials and hangings happened.
That is why hate and fear have driven humans to do things unimaginable since the very beginning.
Because they do not know my Jesus.
So instead of praying for a change in the judicial system, or a change in gun laws, or a change in racism, pray for a change in heart.
Pray that they would know Jesus.
Because it’s that simple.
He is the only answer to police brutality.
He is the only answer to terrorism.
He is the only answer to fear.
He is the only answer to racism.
He is the only answer to hate.
Violence is not the answer.
Revenge is not the answer.
#blacklivesmatter is not the answer.
CNN is not the answer.
A new law is not the answer.
Jesus is the answer.
The only one.
Yes, it’s that simple.
But it is not easy.
Now, more than ever, we need Jesus to transform people’s racist, bigoted, fear-driven hearts into hearts that reflect His, a heart of flesh, driven and filled with a perfect love that has cast out any fear, and presides over an attitude of hate, that seeks out other’s good above His own, and loves not only in speech but in reckless abandon and passionate action.
It’s not about making sure everyone knows that every life matters, it’s about making sure everyone knows that His life matters, and through Him we find the fullness of a life that is not void of worth but rich and overflowing with the fruit of being loved and adored by the King of the Universe.
You do not have the answer.
But He does.

(I encourage everyone to pray for the Holy Spirit to convict everyone involved in this matter of their sin and to lead them to repentance and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Yes, it’s that simple. But we need a LOT of people praying. The Lord listens to our cries. May we all cry out together.)

Also, please understand I’m not saying to sit back and not say anything nor do anything. I’m simply saying that apart from Jesus, any change in law or social media viral video is not going to change the real problem, which is people’s hearts. Yes, go to a vigil, yes share a video, yes speak out against the issue. But let it be after you pray. May prayer for heart change be the primary thing you do, and everything else simply an overflow.

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