And I am a storm.
My tears are rain and my screams erupt like the four winds.
I crash upon trees and bend them.
I pour upon the meadow and flood it.
I cry out against the mountain and it trembles.
And then I find the sea.
It is quiet, peaceful; it lacks no good thing.
But it does not have me.
It is a painting, wet, and all I must do is wipe my hands across its face, and its beauty will be ruined.
And so with eager expectation I roar across the waters, and I break the silent water into waves of torment.
Lightning and thunder explode in harmony.
Rain and wind wreck havoc, hand in hand.
Feel me, O sea.
Fear me, O earth.
I am a storm, and I cannot be calmed.
For whoever has taken the wind and chained it?
Whoever has captured the rain and told it where to walk?
Whoever has commanded the lightning to shut its mouth and bite no more?
Whoever has made the thunder but a whisper or made the waves a carpet on which to walk?
No one, I say.
I am a storm, and I cannot be calmed.
And then, suddenly, like an unexpected guest, a warm presence beckons the cold to flee and hide. A voice, as calm as an autumn morning, shuts the mouth of the rain, and commands the lightning to have peace.
And two feet, unbound, free, step upon my waves, and with each step I am overwhelmed with a joy that burns like a fire, consuming my defenses.
And all I thought I was becomes as dust beneath the weight of a glory I have never before known.
Who is this that chained my winds?
Who is this that shut the mouth of my rain?
Who is this that treads upon my waves as if they were but grass?
And a voice, familiar as the morning light, pierces the air with a whisper, strong.
“It is I.”
I Am.
It is He who has tamed my wind and calmed my waves.
It is my dearest friend, Jesus.
He who drew up the waters and set the mountains in their places has brought peace to my torment.
His hand alone breaks the back of thunder.
His voice alone calms the violent seas.
His presence alone brings light to my darkest storms.
And with Him, I am no longer a storm.
I am me.
And together we can do anything.
For my doubt was a rain, but He stopped it.
My fear was a wind, but He tamed it.
My anger was filled with thunder and lightning, but He commanded it to be no more.

I was a storm, but He calmed me.

He is the Lord, and who is like Him?

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