a letter.

Dearest Child of Mine,

You are so very special to me. Do you know that? I wish you wouldn’t doubt your worth in my eyes. My eyes are always trained on your every move, my thoughts are consumed by your laughter, your voice, the way you dance before me, the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about me. Sometimes I cannot stop thinking about you. I get so excited when you talk to me, and every time you wake up I smile, just at the mere thought of being able to spend another day with you.
I know that it’s not always easy. I hear your every cry, and every tear that falls from your eyes I catch in a bottle. Your tears are precious to me, because they remind me of the sincerity and vulnerability of your heart towards me, which I do not take for granted. Please know that I never want you to hide anything from me, and I am not angry with you for struggling with the same thing again and again. How I long to lift your burden! But I understand that it’s hard to surrender sometimes. I remember the times when I struggled with surrendering to my Father, but the Spirit always gave me the strength to do it. The same Spirit that gave me power to raise from the dead gives you power to raise your burdens into my arms. My arms are not weak, and my hands are not untrained or careless in holding the precious and delicate things you entrust to them.
I heard your frustrations the other day about yourself. And I have to be honest, it hurt me to hear you talk about yourself like that. Do you not remember who your maker is? My hands did not slip when I formed you, my mind was not absent when planning out your personality. I know every single one of the hairs upon your head, the freckles in the spots you wish weren’t there, and every single imperfection you see in the mirror. Why do you doubt your beauty? When I see you, I simply see me, and who I’ve created you to be, even if you don’t see that yet. Don’t worry, you will. Just ask for my mirror, and I will show you you as you’ve never seen you before.
I want you to know that I value your opinion. How I cherish your thoughts and the way you perceive! I am not afraid of your mind, nor am I scared of the things which hold your heart. I know you try and hide those things sometimes, fearing their imperfections and ugly parts might make me love you less or stop talking to you.
I was talking to the Father the other day about my favorite part about you. Of course, it was hard to narrow it down, because my love for you is like the oceans’ tides, never-ending, calm but powerful. So after thinking for a little bit, I decided my favorite part was the way you get so very passionate about little things, like a walk in beautiful weather, or a warm cup of coffee, or the way a violin sounds when it’s being tuned. Our Father, true to form, said his favorite part was the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh, which led us both to a conversation that kept going on forever about our favorite memories we’ve had with you. We love talking about you! You are so worthy of our affection and we love to love you.
Never ever doubt my love for you. I cherish you so very much child. I simply cannot wait to be with you forever. In the meantime, rest in my words and in my presence, and listen to the songs I sing over you. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. How incredibly fond will we be when we meet face to face! My heart jumps at the thought of it. Until that day, never forgot that I love you.

Always Yours,

He Who Loves You

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