you know me, and that is enough.

and i looked for love in all the right places, but still never came close to the love i found in you.

you are all around me, but i cannot see you.
you are right beside me, but i cannot feel you.
you are inside of me, but i cannot fully know you.
what a beautiful tragedy.
that you would chase me, and still i never feel caught.
for love is a choice.
oh how i wish it were not.
how i wish i could simply have to love you.
then perhaps i could truly see your worth.
perhaps then i truly see your beauty.
but i must choose you.
again, and again, and again.
what is more beautiful and dangerous than that?
what a beautiful tragedy.
what a glorious danger.

you are my life, but i still cry out for more.
what more could i need than your embrace?
what more could i want than your love?

these wounds pour out fresh blood, and i fall at your feet, weeping like a child.
it is the hundredth time i have done so today.
and yet you do not grow tired of my tears.
you do not get weary of my weariness.
you wrap me in your mysteries once again and comfort me as a mother comforts her newborn child, denying contentment, confused and needy.
and you are like a mother to me.
your tender affections fill me with warmth.
your outrageous peace tends to the chaotic garden of my soul.

fascinate me.
enthrall me.
and in the everlasting mystery of your love may i praise your name ceaselessly.

though the mountains fall, the sun cease to shine, and the earth is moved, i will not be.
for i know you.
and you know me.
and you are excited at the sound of the first vowel of the first word forming on my lips as my tongue begins to call upon your beautiful name.
who else is like you?
to who could i turn?

and i looked for love in all the right places, but still never came close to the love i found in you.

you are greater than a great thing.
you are more beautiful than a beautiful thing.
you are more wonderful than a wonderful thing.

though the darkness flees at your presence, i run to it.

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