spirit faint, heart full.

And my spirit is faint within me, desperate for your touch.
My soul cries out for the tenderness of your love.
For there is no other love like yours.
There is no other touch like yours.
There is no one I would rather be with than You.
I used to not be able to say that.
There used to be a million other people or things I would rather be with than you.
I blamed you for things, situations and circumstances that made me feel pain, hurt, and confusion, when all the while you were simply longing for my embrace.
Why did I not embrace you sooner?
You are more than life.
You are more than love.
You are life.
You are love.
You have given a name to every indescribable feeling I have ever felt.
You have given a name to every unknowable thought I have ever thought.
You are the essence of beauty.
You are the definition of good.
You are more than good.
Yet we do not see it!
Why do we not see it?
Open our eyes, that we may fall more in love with you.
Open our ears, that we may hear more of your kindness and your mystery.
You are the most incredible person I have ever known.
And I get to worship you.
I get to love you.
What a privilege.
There is nothing I want more than to sit at your feet, like Mary, and simply enjoy the warmth of your presence.
Magnify your worth in my sight that I might magnify your worth in the sight of others.
You are more than my eyes can see, you are more than my ears can hear, you are more than my mind can comprehend.
You are everything.
And in everything I see you.
And in you I see everything.
You are lovely.
You are true.
You are the reason I live.
The reason I breathe.
The reason I dream.
The reason I sing.
The reason I write these words.
You are the reason I am anything.
You are.
And so I am.
And it is only because of you.
How I love you.

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