Where is Heaven, Even the Heavens?

When I laugh,
I laugh with the angels
When I cry,
I cry with the angels.
Heavens above, heavens below.
all is as fire,
all is as breath,
and yet I can’t perceive it.
For Heaven is my attic,
this earth my cellar.
And all around me there is fire,
breathed by the King, gentle.
This fire lives, this fire speaks
utterances my ears long to understand,
dark sayings my mind thirsts to comprehend.

The heavens, even the High Heavens are the LORD’s,
but the earth he has given to me.
He handed me the keys but with fire,
even the fire of Heaven.
Sacrifice is inevitable, death attainable.
If I die, will my eyes be opened?
If I enter the grave, do then I find Heaven?
But you have promised to meet me.
You have sworn to speak to me.
Is your voice so loud that I cannot hear it?
Are your words too wondrous for me to understand?
But you have taught me you are enthroned on beauty,
you reign in simplicity.

This simplicity astounds me,
this flower confounds my senses.
Where is Heaven, even the heavens
that your great hands have made?
Show me the place of your dwelling
And it will be enough.
Bring me to the mountain bathed in fire,
and there I will speak to you,
and there I will know you.


Trembling, the earth trembles.
Undone, the earth is undone.
Reckoned, the earth is reckoned.
And I reckon with it.

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