fettered, i am free.

i sit here, captured.

how beautiful to have this prison.
how lovely to be chained with these fetters.
it wasn’t always this way.
i once was free.
free but more chained than i am now.
that freedom cost me everything.
that freedom damned me.
that freedom hated me, and i it.
now these chains hold me, they hold me with love.
love, what a prison.
love, what a cage.
fettered, i am free.
chained by courage.
enslaved by eternity.

build the walls higher!
make the chains thicker!
these walls are formed by light,
these chains by love.

no darkness gets in these walls.
the tempter lurks outside.
but i am chained, imprisoned by faith, chained by joy.
i cannot escape.
i will not.

why should i run, when peace is my master?
why should i break out, when hope is my sentence?
why should i fear, when my Father built these walls?

do not offer me freedom, when freedom is death.
do not promise me a way out, when outside is darkness.
do not pity my chains, when these chains saved me.

fettered, i am free.
captured by light,
imprisoned in love.


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