my heart the sea

i can’t seem to love you well,
like i couldn’t love her well.
like the choosing,
every day,
in the light,
in the dark.

do i love winter more than I love the spring?
do i love the resistance more than the recompense?
and light escapes my mind like the morning escapes the night.
maybe this was meant to be.
maybe all you ever wanted was my hand,
and i’ve been trying to give you my heart,
not knowing, but somehow slowly realizing,
that you have my heart.
you just need my hand.

but i have slept with serpents,
and i have given my hand to many lovers.
i know not how to give it forever.
can i chain myself to you,
and never pull away again?

my heart is like the ocean,
raging wild, always moving,
my heart the sea.
and yet on the raging wild you walk,
feet unbound, voice unfurled,
searching for me.

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