my HEART, the earth

what is man,
that you should make him?
what is man,
that you should desire him?
what is the earth,
that you should come to it?
what is my love,
that you should receive it?

it does not make sense.
you are Light Unapproachable,
why would you choose to dwell within mortal man?

surely you could make mountains greater,
taller than Everest,
oceans more beautiful than the pacific.
the sun is not that magnificent.
surely there are greater stars elsewhere.

my mind is such a simple thing,
that you should speak to it.
my heart is such a fickle thing,
that you should want it.

my hands are such weak things,
that your power should flow through them.
my words are such foolish things,
that your voice should speak through them.

even the HEAVENS,
are yours.
what would you desire in earth?

then comes a whisper,
mighty like the morning,
gentle like a storm.

“the heavens,
even the HEAVENS,
do not contain parts of me that I have given to earth,
that I have made into earth.

my beauty and strength were given to the heavens,
given to nature,
both in earth and space.
the stars and galaxies been birthed from my mind,
but earth has been made from my HEART.

everyone must give their heart to something,
to someone.
and I have given mine to earth.

how could I not desire that?
how could I not desire you?

earth is not just rocks,
cities and seas,
and you are not just man.

surely, you are my HEART.

the earth.”

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