only you.

Spirit of grace and illumination,
where are you?
LORD of heaven and earth,
show me your glory!
Christ before and behind me,
are you all around me?

Father, how you yearn for me!
Father, how I yearn for you!

i am tired of climbing this mountain,
let me climb your mind instead!
let every thought of yours be a forest of goodness i can explore.

what do you feel?
how do you think?
what are your dreams?

Father of heaven, heaven bright,
let me see your face.

Spirit of love, love pure,
let me feel your heart.

Son of man, man redeemed,
let me walk with you.

my mind reels reckless beneath the thought of you, unadulterated, unfiltered by my experience.
just you.

how i long for the God-man, Jesus,
great I AM and friend.
would you visit me?
would you speak to even me?

teach my hands to love,
train my mind to adore,
give my words new language,
birthed in the heavenlies,
to expose your greatness.

i need not my old thoughts,
ancient and worn ways of thinking,
emotions passed down from angry kings.

i need only you.
come, Spirit.
come, Jesus.
come, LORD.

i will wait for you,
in the silence,
in the deafening.

heaven wide,
swing wider still.

Spirit pouring,
pour greater still.

until every moment is an altar,

given to you.

only you.

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