sister, my sister!

sister, my sister!
how I have wronged you.
but you were silent, ‘
you could not speak.
time and technology bound you,
forced you to the hand of my desire.
you had no choice.

they told you would be in the limelight,
but only blue light and darkened rooms welcome your pixelated form.
they promised you wealth and notoriety,
yet you have been sold as a slave,
every click a link in your endless chain.
one master you do not have,
but a million and one.
the scrawny and the strong,
the old and the young,
brothers and uncles,
fathers and sons;
those who have sworn to protect you have forsaken their oath.
we all have come,
to gaze upon you,
to worship you,
to taste you,
to violate you.

sister, my sister!
why do you resist?
why do you look away?
why have you abandoned us?
why do you weep like Tamar?
because we have followed the way of Amnon,
and have traded love for desire,
impregnated beauty with death,
and our children eat each other like wild dogs.

brother, my brother!
beware lest you continue in the way of Amnon.

the revenge of Absalom is coming.

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