worry will not overtake me.
fear will not consume me.
my eyes do not rest on sin,
but on the one in whom my soul finds rest;
the one whom my heart quickens to greet,
Awake, awake, O Heart!
Christ has given you fresh blood,
pure and holy,
to cleanse your chambers,
and renew your arteries.
his blood has wrought desolation on death and destruction;
now love and mercy pursue me.
i cannot escape them.
shall i go to the outer galaxies?
even there his mighty hand would bring me down.
he will not let me run,
for he is faster, much faster,
and he knows no weariness.
but weariness has known me.
uphold me by your beauty, O LORD.
embolden my spirit once more!

come, oh blessed Christ.
My mind thirsts for your thoughts,
my flesh is desperate for your scars,
my heart yearns for your emotions.

what good is a vessel left unfilled?
and yet do not forget to spill me out, completely.
i will be poured out for you yet.

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