brother, my brother!

brother, my brother!
why do you slumber?
why do you sleep?
the world awaits you,
yet still you close the curtains,
and draw your eyelids shut.
what monsters hide in the closets of your infant mind?
what horror lurks in the shadows of your anxious thoughts?
will you never rouse yourself,
and see the morning light?

your own thoughts have forsaken you;
they are not your friends.
see now, your friends all dance in the light,
you were not born to live in a house,
but the earth.
earth is your home,
heaven your backyard.

come out and see why the children dance!
perceive and understand,
not as the world understands;
peer into the minds of angels.
brother, it is time.

you are not merely flesh and mind,
you are soul and spirit,
and spirit does not stay in bed,
but flies about the earth and the heavens as the body rests.
hear your name as it is called out from the mountains,
crags, and clouds.
“come up here!”

not all children learn how to fly;
only those who leave their bed.

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