American Cain/Black Blood

American Cain,
Why do you rage?
Why do you seeth and fume?
Your brother’s blood cries out
From your streets,
And town halls.

Black Blood bleeds,
Black Blood stains.
And your hands are wet with it.

The foreign waters of nations
Will not cleanse you.
Legislation, Law, and Liberty
Will not take away your guilt.

Black Blood bleeds,
Black Blood screams,
Black Blood can’t breathe.

American Cain,
Why do you hide?
Why is your face hidden?
To where do you seek asylum?
Lady Liberty will not acquit you,
Big Brother cannot forgive you.

American Cain,
Go to the River Righteous,
Whose waters are justice,
In whose depths atonement tarries,
And there be cleansed.

Yet in the meantime,
Black Blood still bleeds,
Black Blood still screams,
Black Blood still can’t breathe.

America the Beautiful,
America the Violent,
Drunk on her favorite drink,
A martini,
Shaken, not stirred.
“Will the well liquor suit you?”
“Please, I prefer Black Blood.”

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