please run fast now.

lost and wandering,
looking for spirit,
looking for home.

light of light
beaming from eternal face
brings my heart rest
and my mind wild thoughts.
thoughts of freedom,
thoughts of love,
forlorn and foreign,
like food prepared in the dark.

darkness is not my master,
darkness is not my friend.

holding hands,
reaching for comfort
in empty places.
desire unfulfilled;
desire is fulfilled in deliberation of mind,
heart lies sick still,
hugging the corner,
hugging knees.

goddess bright,
goddess beautiful.

damn you,
damn yours.
and the charades of beauty,
and innocence.
sweet siren on the rocks
of heavenward hell,
you torment me.

Spirit love,
Spirit God.
won’t you visit me?
crusades of death
can’t frighten you.
running in the dark
doesn’t turn you away.
your feet run faster than
my heart.

please run fast now.

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