I understand now why Israel wanted Egypt.
We all need someone we don’t need.

My heart wants to weep but my mind says it’s not worth the salt.
Salt is found in the mines and the sea.
Your eyes have no valuable resource.
If you should cry,
Who should benefit?
If you should weep,
Who should profit?

I think I want your sex,
But really I want your heart,
Your soul,
The way you say “good morning”
And the way you kiss “goodnight”.
Your breasts are what my eyes are drawn to,
But your eyes are complete universes,
Your heart an ocean I’ve only touched the surface of.
My body wants entrance,
But really all I need is acceptance.

Lover, lover,
Where are you?
Your fair skin and blushed cheeks
Escape me.
Your sweet voice
And emerald tongue
Shun me.
Are you up there with the angels?
Spinning, singing, flying?
Or are you down below,
Burning, yearning, churning?

Maybe you are here on earth,
With crimson blood and stained glass,
Melodies can’t quite capture you.
Dirt and mud and blood
And marked skin
(say, isn’t it a shame it it isn’t perfect!)
Here on earth I may find you.
With broken past and broken eyes.
Beauty makes beauty in a jar made of clay.

Beloved, beloved!
How I long for thee.
How I await your return.
Come dancing,
Come mourning,
Whatever it may be.
Bride of light,
Heart of my life,

Man needs God,
And mind needs heart.
So man needs woman.

Men are mountains
That try and push into the valley
That is woman
And make their mark,
Forgetting that
The valley is made more beautiful
By being next to the mountain
Not underneath it.

I don’t even know what beauty means.

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