look at the man!

look at the man!
he sows in sorrows,
reaps in tears.
all his brothers have left him.
all his gods have failed him.

the field lies fallow,
in wait,
for him.

but saltwater kills seeds,
and blood doesn’t feed crops.

look at the man!
he reaches for God
and finds himself.
mirrors are cheaper than cathedrals.

the old woman sold the glass to him at the market.
“find God within you,” she said.
but He was not there.

look at the man!
half-dead, fully drunk,
stumbling through street and spirit;
chemicals racing through blood
like horses never broken.

look at the man!
behold his happiness
as steel cuts through flesh
and virgin blood pours out
staining clothes,
staining mind.

offer him a smoke,
offer him a drink,
offer him a whore.
don’t offer him life,
just offer him the night.
he will be fine in the morning.

look at the man!
what a man!
what a god!
he has found himself,
he has loved himself.

my God, what a man!
how lovely,
how wretched,
how wild!

man not need fear darkness,
when the darkness is within him.
be afraid of the light!
cling to the shadows,
watch out for the streetlights!
guard your eyes from the morning light.

look at the man!
his heart is in pieces,
his mind a playground for demons.
how interesting!
how beautiful!

society cannot define him,
culture cannot contain him,
and heaven will not have him.
he is free!

look at the man!

and he is only 19.

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