eden unknown

the kind of silence that makes you feel more than okay is the type of silence that I want to feel in the mornings after I wake up having wrestled in the night wrestled in the sheets with no one but myself and a couple of unknown spirits does this silence come from God or … Continue reading eden unknown

Fire To Moses, Death To His Body

My hands long for what mind cannot breach. My own intellect rages and roars, Lonely dogs in a cage made for rats. Why must you make finding you such a chase? You who are Spirit and Body, Mind, Three in one, Me like you. Split every atom that makes me, And then maybe I could … Continue reading Fire To Moses, Death To His Body

but the children eat freely.

my heart cries out to you, YAH!the ancient living One!the One in whom there is no deceit!the greatest Judge, Father-friend! my particles long for friendly fire, long to be destroyed by loveheavier than galaxies, presence from millennia ago, yet fresh as a mother’s milk.  Holy Christ, do I, a dog, dare lick the blood from your wounds, and this to my own benefit? how can … Continue reading but the children eat freely.

A Prayer

Heavenly Father, I ask for more of your Spirit. I have learned I cannot go without you. I cannot breathe, I cannot think, I cannot feel. Your brilliance is the only sun that awakens the dawn in my soul. Your beauty brings me joy. Your kindness gives me stability. Your gentleness has made me who … Continue reading A Prayer