From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)

2020. If you've tuned into modern Christianity for the past few months or so you know what everyone has been saying about this easy play-on-word. Vision. Clarity. 2020. Cute, most think, at best. I think it's deeper, though. All throughout the Bible we find word association, plays on words, and poetic, pictorial imagery that uses … Continue reading From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)


i knew it was only a matter of time, before you broke my mind, broke me. yet my heart remained intact. you are too beautiful for my mind to comprehend, too wonderful for my intellect to dissect, too powerful for my tongue to explain. you are not a mirror, you are a fire. you are … Continue reading earth/embrace


the wheel turns, the chandelier swings, and chains only break when mad men decide to break them. life isn't some sort of gambler's paradise, nor is it a puppet show. life isn't linear, it's cyclical, tumultuous, and ambivalent. no donkey interpreted the words of the angel for me, i was the donkey. the prophet beat … Continue reading ambivalence