brother, my brother!

brother, my brother! why do you slumber? why do you sleep? the world awaits you, yet still you close the curtains, and draw your eyelids shut. what monsters hide in the closets of your infant mind? what horror lurks in the shadows of your anxious thoughts? will you never rouse yourself, and see the morning … Continue reading brother, my brother!


if the undoing of my body is the doing of my spirit, then i shall be undone. this body is a cross, and how i wish i could rid myself, of its weight. surely wood might be easier to bear. idols of wood and stone we do not worship. Baal has been formed from, blushed … Continue reading body/baal


the wheel turns, the chandelier swings, and chains only break when mad men decide to break them. life isn't some sort of gambler's paradise, nor is it a puppet show. life isn't linear, it's cyclical, tumultuous, and ambivalent. no donkey interpreted the words of the angel for me, i was the donkey. the prophet beat … Continue reading ambivalence