did you want blood? holy water? what precious liquid did you imagine would pour out when you struck me in the side with your blade? I am only human. you made me a god. I hope the next one knows that the scar on my side is not from beasts, fights, or wars, but from … Continue reading wo/man

A Prayer

Heavenly Father, I ask for more of your Spirit. I have learned I cannot go without you. I cannot breathe, I cannot think, I cannot feel. Your brilliance is the only sun that awakens the dawn in my soul. Your beauty brings me joy. Your kindness gives me stability. Your gentleness has made me who … Continue reading A Prayer


If I was honest with you, I would pull back the curtains and reveal the dark, the dismal, the dreary, all the moments of 2020 that have weighed on my heart and mind like the mountains weigh on the valleys. My name would be forsaken amidst the visceral noise. Color would be muddled until only … Continue reading H O P E