sister, my sister!

sister, my sister! how I have wronged you. but you were silent, ' you could not speak. time and technology bound you, forced you to the hand of my desire. you had no choice. they told you would be in the limelight, but only blue light and darkened rooms welcome your pixelated form. they promised … Continue reading sister, my sister!

trust/white blood cells

and i have learned that trust is no easy thing. it is not pretty, fun, or clean. to trust fully means to give up mind, heart, soul, and spirit. it means to give up white cell blood count, chemical imbalances, trauma, and broken memories. it means giving up the right to pity and sadness, and … Continue reading trust/white blood cells


you are very gentle, but very great. and for that, I thank-you. ___________________ the beauty of your brilliance is color my eyes cannot perceive, sounds my ears cannot understand, and thoughts too wonderful for my mind to comprehend. ___________________ i tried to comprehend this beauty, but found that instead, it comprehended me. ___________________ i only … Continue reading gentle/jealous