river of God

drink, drink, drink deeply, and drown, till blood and water mix, a holy retribution to this unfortunate carnality bestowed upon my undefiled spirit. river of God, you are not like other rivers. you do not follow the course of the ruts and ridges of the land, jumping over rocks and earth before you spill into … Continue reading river of God


do i hide in myself, behind games, jokes, and good books to read? but i have not found him who you seek, he is not here. he is with you, high in the heavens, seated in sweet light, with power and perfect love in abundance. but these eyes on earth grow weak, this mind dims, … Continue reading love/lucid


i have always found you in the hidden things, like light in the morning, always expected, never appreciated. even in the dirty, your beauty emanates. even in the deafening, your voice stands out. beautiful Christ, how you haunt me; even in the night your Spirit wrestles with my mind.