mangled mind

mangled mind, (hands) flee to (words) unspoken, they can't reach. the hands are my emotions, the words are memories I damn everyday. damn them. haunting Christ haunts me, haunts the living, haunts the dead. all the same. all conscious. did I think that Christ would resurrect my mind, or just my body? I know what … Continue reading mangled mind

fallow field, hallowed whore

the fields lie fallow, the wells dry, the market quiet. where do the good boys go when there is no seed to plant in the fields? where do the good girls go when there is no wheat to make into bread? is it war that has taken them? a foreign army that has ransacked the … Continue reading fallow field, hallowed whore

From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)

2020. If you've tuned into modern Christianity for the past few months or so you know what everyone has been saying about this easy play-on-word. Vision. Clarity. 2020. Cute, most think, at best. I think it's deeper, though. All throughout the Bible we find word association, plays on words, and poetic, pictorial imagery that uses … Continue reading From Navel-Gazing To Glory-Gazing (To ADORE Him)