if the undoing of my body is the doing of my spirit, then i shall be undone. this body is a cross, and how i wish i could rid myself, of its weight. surely wood might be easier to bear. idols of wood and stone we do not worship. Baal has been formed from, blushed … Continue reading body/baal

What I Learned In 2019

2019. WHAT A FREAKING YEAR. Hills and valleys doesn't quite seem to do it justice. To say that I was ecstatic to raise my glass and ring in the new year last week is an understatement. I was done with 2019. Done. Was it really that bad? Probably not. At least, not as bad as … Continue reading What I Learned In 2019


the wheel turns, the chandelier swings, and chains only break when mad men decide to break them. life isn't some sort of gambler's paradise, nor is it a puppet show. life isn't linear, it's cyclical, tumultuous, and ambivalent. no donkey interpreted the words of the angel for me, i was the donkey. the prophet beat … Continue reading ambivalence